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In 1999, under the direction of founding Fellow Steve E. Tallent, The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers embarked on a project to develop a video library dedicated to the history of labor and employment law. The premise of the library — to create a repository of oral histories culled from significant employment law topics or events — was meant not just to protect the past, but to serve the future as well.

By videotaping distinguished individuals who played a significant role or who had an opportunity to observe a milestone event relating to labor and employment law, the video history project has the potential to be a vital and important component of the history of the labor and employment law movement. Ultimately, the library will serve to enhance CLE programs and as a historical resource for law schools and schools of industrial relations, as well as state and local bar associations. The range of possible uses is only limited by the scope of imagination and the quality of the product.

Richard Giacolone

Recorded March 2023

Richard Giacolone – FMCS Director 2018-2021 (currently Director of Friends of FMCS). Mr. Giacolone gives us a fascinating look at his impressive mediation career, detailing what it’s like to be a neutral at the table and working hard to find common ground. He mediated cases in the US from symphony orchestras to shipyards and established mediation programs in Myanmar and Panama.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) Roundtable

Recorded March 2020

Key players involved in the development and pursuit of ADEA litigation and legislative issues discuss their experiences and thoughts about the future. Cathy Ventrell-Monsees leads the discussion that includes Laurie McCann and Raymond Fay.

William Lucy

Recorded May 2019

Prominent labor leader. 1965-2010 – Associate Director of Legislation and Community Affairs, and Secretary-Treasurer, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME); 1994 – President, Public Services International; 1995 – AFL-CIO Executive Council.

Jon Hiatt and Bob Welsh

Recorded December 2018

Jon Hiatt served as General Counsel at SEIU (1987-1996) and AFL-CIO (1996-2009) and Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff at AFL-CIO (2009 -2017). Bob Welsh served as Chief of Staff at SEIU (1976-1995) and as Executive Assistant to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney (1995-2009).

Ray Marshall

Recorded November 2018

US Secretary of Labor, under Jimmy Carter’s Administration (1977-1981)

Donald S. Wasserman

Recorded November 2017

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees 1967-1995, Federal Labor Relations Authority 1996-2001; Federal Service Impasses Panel 2009-2017

Kenneth E. Moffett

Recorded September 2017

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service 1977-1982, serving as Deputy Director, Acting Director and Director.

Women’s Rights and Labor and Employment Law

Recorded March 2017

Perspectives from three prominent women attorneys who were part of the rise of women in law schools during the 1960s and spearheaded women’s rights before the EEOC and in the courts. David Cashdan moderates a panel that includes Janice Goodman, Susan Deller Ross and Mary O’Melveny.

John E. Higgins, Jr.

Recorded October 2016

National Labor Relations Board 1964-2010, serving in various capacities including Deputy General Counsel, Board Member, Board Solicitor and Inspector General.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Recorded September 2015

Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States (1993 – 2020). Listen to the audio recording of Justice Ginsberg’s conversation with Bill Kilberg. Watch our wide-ranging and personal 2015 video interview with Justice Ginsburg – also conducted by Bill Kilberg.

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William H. Brown III

Recorded September 2015

Former Chairman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1969 – 1973).

Judge Laurence H. Silberman

Recorded September 2015

Senior Judge, United States Court of Appeals for DC Circuit (2000 – present).

Edward P. Clair and Davitt McAteer

Recorded March 2015

Edward P. Clair, Associate Solicitor of Labor for Mine Safety and Health (1987 – 2009) and Davitt McAteer, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health (1993 – 2001).

William L. Robinson

Recorded January 2015

Civil Rights Attorney and Professor, UDC David A. Clarke School of Law.

George H. Cohen

Recorded June 2012

Legendary union lawyer, distinguished mediator and 17th Director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.


Recorded April 2012

Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. The inside story from those who helped make it a reality. William Kilberg moderates a panel that includes Henry Rose, Frank Cummings Steven Sacher, Robert Nagle.

Roberta Golick, Esq.

Recorded April 2012

Distinguished Arbitrator/Mediator for more than 35 years and 2011 – 2012 President of the National Academy of Arbitrators.

James Harkless

Recorded July 2011

Distinguished arbitrator and mediator for industry with a focus on steel, auto, and mining.

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

Recorded June 2011

On the 40th anniversary of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, principal players who helped make this a reality discuss the details behind its creation. The Honorable Horace “Topper” Thompson moderates a panel which includes Hon. George Cohen, Hon. Donald Elisburg, Robert Gombar, Hon. Ben Mintz, and Hon. Scott Railton.

George Shultz

Recorded November 2010

Former Secretary of Labor (1969 – 1970) under President Richard Nixon; also served as Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury and Director of OMB.

Betty Southard Murphy

Recorded June 2008

First woman Member and Chair of the National Labor Relations Board, serving from 1975 – 1979; also served as Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division/US Department of Labor.

Marvin Miller

Recorded June 2008

Former Executive Director of the National Baseball Players’ Association (1966 – 1982), helping to transform the baseball players’ union into one of the strongest unions in the United States.

George Nicolau

Recorded October 2007

Nationally recognized Labor Arbitrator and Veteran Practitioner.

Max Zimny

Recorded May 2007

Former General Counsel, International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union and UNITE!

Arvid Anderson

Recorded May 2006

Distinguished public sector labor arbitrator and Chair of New York City Office of Collective Bargaining (1968 – 1987).

Paul Tobias

Recorded December 2005

Veteran plaintiff attorney and founder of National Employment Lawyers Association.

John Truesdale

Recorded June 2005

Former Executive Secretary and Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board.

Theodore Kheel

Recorded October 2004

One of the century’s most distinguished professional arbitrators/mediators and one of New York’s most influential public advocates.

Sam Pointer

Recorded October 2003

Chief Judge, U. S. District Court, Northern District of Alabama (1982 – 1999).

W. J. Usery, Jr.

Recorded September 2003

U. S. Secretary of Labor (1976 – 1977).

Don Banta and Warren Sullivan

Recorded July 2003

Management lawyers with 50 years of experience.

W. Willard Wirtz

Recorded June 2002

U. S. Secretary of Labor (1962 – 1969).

U. W. Clemon

Recorded October 2001

Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Alabama (Chief Judge, 1999 – 2006).

Howard Jenkins, Jr.

Recorded August 2000

Member, National Labor Relations Board (1963 – 1983).

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The first subject to be interviewed for the video library project was Howard Jenkins, who was also the first African American Member of the National Labor Relations Board (1963-1983). Under the direction of Carol M. Rosenbaum, the project’s official producer/director, Mr. Jenkins’ interview provided over three hours of video footage. Subsequently enhanced by historic archival film and audio material, the video set the standard for the library’s foundation. Since this auspicious beginning in 2000, the experiences of twenty other distinguished persons have been captured on video tape.

Also part of our library are four recent subjects of the National Academy of Arbitrators’ annual Fireside Chat: the Honorable Harry T. Edwards, Circuit Judge and Chief Judge Emeritus in the U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. Circuit and Frances K. Bairstow, Ted St. Antoine and Arnold Zack, all renowned arbitrators, labor relations consultants and educators. The NAA graciously gave permission for the College to capture on video these prominent and distinguished individuals and include them in our library.

As the list of potential subjects continues to grow, the College has named Cornell University’s Kheel Center for Labor Management Documentation and Archives as the repository for the video history project. Considered the guardian of unique historical material, including manuscripts, oral histories and collective bargaining agreements, the Kheel Center will house the College’s project as part of a collection of 27 million documents that cover all aspects of the American workplace.

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Ultimately, the Video History Project provides a tremendous opportunity to involve College Fellows on many levels. There is a real need for support of this program from the membership as a whole. We encourage your suggestions for candidates to be interviewed, including self-nomination. Each of you knows someone, or is someone, who should be the subject of a video history interview. Although we are not able to interview everyone who is recommended, your advice is needed as we put together a list of the best candidates available. We also have a need for financial assistance, given the substantive expenses involved in the interview process. As a 501(c)(3) corporation, any donation to the College’s Video History Project is tax deductible and will greatly assist us. Finally, if you are interested in this project on any level, please contact our Executive Director, Susan Wan, at (410) 972-4711. We look forward to your involvement and participation.