Who We Are

The College of Labor & Employment Lawyers is a non-profit professional association honoring the leading lawyers nationwide in the practice of Labor and Employment Law. Our Fellows are recognized as distinguished members of the labor and employment community who promote achievement, advancement and excellence in the practice by setting standards of professionalism and civility, by sharing their experience and knowledge and by acting as a resource for academia, the government, the judiciary and the community at large.


Value Proposition

The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers is a distinguished body of individuals drawing its membership from the best and brightest lawyers, academicians and scholars in the field of Labor and Employment Law. The collective experience, the intellectual range and the influence of its members underscore the significant contribution the College is making to the advancement of labor and employment law.

Diversity Statement

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of the College’s multifaceted strategic plan. We are committed to building an inclusive culture that encourages the nomination and active participation of a diverse membership that represents all constituencies in the field of labor and employment law. We are dedicated to improving our demographic diversity and inclusion across race, ethnicity, sex, disability status, orientation, and identity. By valuing and promoting diversity and inclusion, we can achieve our goals of influencing, supporting, and enhancing civility and professionalism in the practice of labor and employment law.


Barbara J. D'AquilaMinneapolis, MN
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"I am honored to be a Fellow in the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers. The College embodies excellence and professionalism in the practice of labor and employment law. It recognizes the importance of not only high achievement but also of sharing our knowledge and experience for the benefit of our profession, our colleagues, our clients, and the community at large."
Luella E. NelsonArbitrator/Mediator, Portland, OR and Oakland, CA
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"It’s hard to pick any one reason to belong to the College. Is it the continuous emphasis on civility and professionalism, coupled with timely webinars, live programs (COVID permitting), and materials to give attorneys the tools to develop and maintain those qualities? Is it the chance to both meet the giants of the profession informally and hear them speak in formal presentations? Is it the creativity and attention to detail from our headquarters folks, Susan and Jen, that make the programs memorable and easy to access no matter what obstacles fate throws at them? It’s all of the above, and more. It is an honor and joy to belong to the College."
Peter ZinoberOgletree Deakins, Tampa, FL
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"I belong to the College because it is much more than an organization. It is much more than a recognition. It is a vision, a set of guiding principles that establishes the framework for the rational operation of our system of justice."
Cynthia NanceUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
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"The College has played an essential role in my professional development. As an academic Fellow, I appreciate the opportunity to learn from my colleagues in the practicing bar and those leading our federal labor and employment agencies. But even more, I am especially grateful for the warm, lasting friendships I've been fortunate to form with fellow College members."
Jon Howard RosenThe Rosen Law Firm, Seattle, WA
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"Being a Fellow of The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers has provided me with the opportunity to share ideas and socialize with the most brilliant minds and nicest people in the business. Whatever I have put in has been returned tenfold in knowledge gained, friendships made and valuable referrals."
Cynthia N. SassSass Law Firm, Tampa, FL
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"I was thrilled to become a Fellow, since I considered it to be the highest honor an employee rights attorney can achieve in her career. In the 10 years since I was inducted, it has been a pleasure developing relationships with other attorneys who put professionalism and excellence in practice as their priority, and who continue to work diligently in their efforts to make the field of Labor and Employment Law the best it can be!"
Ted BorromeoBelmont, CA
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"In all my dealings with Fellows of the College, whether as my outside counsel or opposing counsel, I have great confidence that the person is a subject matter expert and will act with the highest level of professionalism and ethics. These are foundational in resolution of disputes."
Jean Powers KampEEOC (ret.), Chicago, IL
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"I am glad that I belong to the College because it reminds me how much I like and enjoy so many of the people who practice employment law, something one doesn't always realize in the course of litigation. The people I see at College events, fellow Board members, and especially the yearly applicants, all make me proud."